Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two steps forward part 1: contractual obligations

So the purge continues. The thing about doing a purge, at least for me, is that its not so much a structured thing, as just a drive to get things done that need to be done. I have things lying around, projects that require little effort or work, but never got done, because... well, because I always push them back to later. Its not so much that I have more urgent things to do, but that spend quite a large amount of time dicking around the intertubes and then I run around getting the everyday stuff in a rush because I suddenly  notice the closing times. And when I come back, instead of getting some of those little projects done... I'll waste some more time on the 'tubes, till I realize that I need to make dinner, and its 11 pm and blah blah blah, shit just doesn't get done. There's always an excuse, some other made-up priority that came into play that just has to get done right now.

So recently, the physical purge has taken a new spin, and its happening in my head. I'm getting the cobwebs cleaned out and some priorities set a straight. If I'm not doing cleaning (or even if I am) and I notice some project just lying there unattended to and I have no good reason (like its 11 pm and a little late to use a circular saw) not to take care of it, then I take a break and get it done. That simple. Well, the decision process is simple, but the executive is sometimes a little lagging behind (kinda the reverse of bureaucracy), looking for reasons not to do things (its not in my job description seems to prop up insiduously, so I'm going to have to deal with the labor union) and not get it done. Its not like I'll run out of things to do any time soon, so I'm not going to cut hours or salaries...

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