Monday, March 1, 2010


What is the worst of all questions that can be (and will be) asked at any job interview?

So, tell us about yourself.

What the hell are you supposed to answer? In the case of a job interview, its a bloody pit trap. You have to guess what answers the interviewer is looking for, as they sure as hell ain't going to give you any clues; its a competition after all. Too much, or too little will sink your chances, as will being way off the mark. And why the hell are they asking this anyways? Its not a date, for fuck's sake.

Now, take this question to different context; imagine that you are the interviewer and you're interviewing yourself; what do you answer? What do you put into your bio, which would make you interesting, what details do you highlight, which do you leave out, how truthful are you willing to be?

The more honest you are, the least likely you are to find yourself interesting. Most likely, you'll feel that you haven't done quite that much that's interesting, or worth talking about. It gets even worse when the goal is to interest the reader enough to make the leap and actually take a peek at your output, perhaps even enough to inquire about some financial deal, like buying a copy.

How honest are you going to get? What makes you fascinating?

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