Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moving pains

I've moved between apartments before. I've been in tight spots.t with very little to  I've been stuck having to move with little to no notice. Its a tough spot to go through, but you go through it, and move on.

But as you move along in the world, as you move up, it gets more complicated; for one thing, you most likely accumulate more stuff. That has its own baggage. But you also most likely hook up and then its not one person dealing with a move, its two (or more.)

While having someone else in your life allows one to increase one's strengths, it also adds up to your weaknesses, in a geometric rate; they dont add up as a standard addition, they more like expand by the power of the number of participants. The growth is exponential.

The difficulty is further increased by emotional and intellectual differences, that have little to do with intelligence; they have more to do with one's perceptive filters and problem solving approaches. In most cases, the buck stops at the problem itself, seen in a way that expands it through a nasty system of parasitic dependency, inflating it to the point that it blocks any sort of light shinning through. In my case, I tend to see a problem as a group of circumstantial facts, which when analyzed, present their own weaknesses, cracking the walls of perceptions and allowing one to get a proper perspective on the situation at hand. Once that is achieved, the rest is to pick a path and follow through till resolution.

All that being said, while we are ahead on the organizing and packing, with a little over two weeks to go, some elements are popping up to throw a few wrenches in the machine, and there's the ghost screech of trouble ahead. Often, the problem lies in transportation, or lack thereof. It is very hard to move from one dwelling to another if you do not have some sort of vehicle. That got solved last week, when we secured a truck. The problem that then occurred, was that we had to clear out several pieces of furniture; the solution was to call up the Salvation's Army to schedule a pickup, but they didn't have a free spot till August. Not good. Others were just as problematic. So I cut the middleman, and put out an ad, offering it all for free. Surprisingly, I have received about a dozen messages, and there's already some pieces gone, with more to go.

But the big itch, the true wrench in the cogs, it that while we have the truck from noon to five thirty, we only have access to the apartment at four. And so far, its possible that we might need to make two trips.

So I have to roll with it and think fast. Do we go for extra transport? Do we look at temporary storage? Or do we get the time frame changed? How about all of the above?

So tomorrow is going to require a lot of phone calls. And maybe a little bit of begging for favors.

But I'll pull us through. Even if its going to be a close shave.

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