Thursday, June 10, 2010

You can rely on old men to make a mess

Having been a pretty steady renter for many years, two properties in a row, the time had come to pack up and move. However, circumstances were that we had already renewed the lease, so due ti territorial regulations, a 90 period is required to be given for the lease to be terminated. At the time, this made it For August 1rst.

Given that most leases terminate on July 1rst and the mad scramble would take place on that day, we felt pretty comfortable with our schedule, as we wouldn't have to fight it out with other movers, and we wouldn't have to get gouged by professionals, cashing in on the money pot. Our new place was also happy to have us moving in a little later than everybody else, as that meant less pressure and more convenience for everybody involved.

But then, things got old-man complicated. As in, every time we spoke, the current landlord changed his needs/requirements. You could smell the building up panic. Pushing back the moving date one day, taking it back another; increasing rent, decreasing rent... messy, messy times.

So this morning, I got another visit from him, and now, we have to move out for the 1rst of July. We now have three weeks to wrap things up, gather a crew, figure out if we get a truck (with any luck), or do we hire professionals, deal with the extra furniture... on the other hand, we dont have to pay for the July rent at this current place. Oh, and I still have to clean up and finish the bathroom.

So, apparently, there was a tectonic shift in the last year that's reflecting on pretty much all areas of our lives. Its crazy, its messy, but it seems to be going in the right direction.

Onward and upward!

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