Friday, March 23, 2012

Death and taxes

So 2009 was such a memorable year, besides the two weeks I was in a coma and the following loopy days. For those who follow my history (both of you) this was the year of my unfortunate circumstance, which brought me to some amount of poverty until the insurance kicked in.

So yeah, a great year.

On a different note, I am very bad about filing for my taxes. And its mostly bad because its money that's owed to me, any not money I owe to the government, so why do I delay dealing with it? Because its bloody tedious, that's why. I eventually get around to it, sometimes a couple of years at a time, and then I wait for the cheques. You know, the best part of dealing with taxes.

Sometime this fall, I set about doing those back taxes. the federal form got filled out, and lo and behold, a nice fat cheque. Sweet. I start the provincial one... and I stop. Mild depression.

By all logic, I should be getting money back. But logic has apparently nothing to do with taxes. Because of my situation, I only paid taxes for half the year, the other half being insurance payments. Government insurance payments.

But see, I live in a province who does thing differently, sometimes to good effect (young offenders are rehabilitated instead of just being tossed in jail), sometimes to bad effect, like the fact that we have to pay an extra income tax for healthcare, which are already paid by our income tax.

Now, because I didn't have income taxes collected for half of the year, as insurance payments are tax-exempt. That also means that for that period of time, the healthcare tax was not perceived. Which I now have to pay for. Now remember, the tax is a provincial one, as is the insurance. So the government is asking for it's money back.


So I put it all aside, to get around to it, eventually. But time's up. One of the most troubling things to get in the mail is a registered letter. There is little good news that ever comes by registered mail. Its usually collectors, or a legal notice. Or the government.

They want their money back. That is, I received a lesser summons, so it's not quite an audit, yet. I have to fill out my tax form for 2009 in the next thirty day, sent by registered mail, addressed to a specific case officer. If I don't comply, there will be dreadful consequences, that is, they will charge be penalties.

Great, just the sort of thing I needed while I am off work due to stress, threats.

Well, fine then, I had planned on doing my taxes anyways, since that I have some time on my hands to deal with it. But why stop at 2009? I will file for 2009, 2010 and 2011, both for me and my partner. Hey, I have my own public servant who wants me to file for my taxes, so might as well keep the bugger busy, eh?

He's probably not expecting an envelope that thick...

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