Saturday, January 22, 2011

The best time to get insomnia

Its now the second night in a row where I cant get to sleep. No particular worry, no particular stress plaguing me, just perhaps a bit of eagerness to get things done, especially writing.

Not the fiction kind, unfortunately but the blog posting kind, particularly of my food blog Hungry, Smart And Poor. Sure, its a long simmering project from back in my days working for a cable company when I was tempted to dwell into getting a cable access show, teaching those cash-strapped and untutored to cook home food on a budget.

Sure, there are shows like that, like Rachel Ray's but I'm not a fan. There are also Home Ec classes, but they leave a lot to be desired, and I cant say that moms have been teaching their kids to do it, especially on a budget. To me its such a basic need that there are things that should be taught to anyone leaving the family nest so that they can survive without starving.

Anyways, here I am, hunkered down on my laptop at an uncomfortable position (on purpose, as I would waste even more time of all kinds of distracting trivia otherwise), trying to think and plan on the next few entries. It is keeping my mind busy and distracted from the other big project, as the apartment needs cleaning and organizing. And I am randomly skipping to organizing the grocery budget for this week, while maximizing what stuff I already have.

As I deal with such mental workouts I am brought to be thankful that I am not a family man. I can barely deal getting my own life together I cant conceive being responsible for a bunch of toddlers. I don't see the reward in that, I really don't. Its just not part of my emotional and mental makeup I guess. Several years of working in customer service probably aren't helping.

I can barely stop myself from moving around furniture and putting some nails in the walls at four in the morning, so I have my own issues to deal with. I have too many projects on the back burner, its probably not healthy for my sanity, but that's me, I have to have all those options available for those days when I really feel like I have to get things done.

Like sleep. I guess its one of those projects that just took the back burner tonight.

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