Tuesday, February 9, 2010

As part of the many things I do, I occasionally DJ. While this sounds pretty glamorous, its not really, unless you happen to hit the right spot at the right time and you get swamped with barely legal boobies. Here's a clue: never happened to me.

So, here's the playlist for my set last night:

death in june - but what ends when the symbols shatter?
christian death - venus in furs
deathride 69 -state of decay
the cramps - mad daddy
alien sex fiend - hirricane fighter plane
bauhaus - in the flat field
bauhaus - rose garden funeral of sores
jarboe - warm liquid event
jarboe - danse dementia
tom waits - kommienezuspadt
mushroom patience - martial pop
*battle of mice - a day of nights
sophia - pride
pimentola - psychopompos
*death/human - secret face
creaming jesus - a forest
pwei - ich bin ein auslander
the stooges - i want to be your dog
swans - the great annihilator
marionettes - ave dementia
ex-voto - resurection mary
theater of hate - black madonna
switchblade symphony - dollhouse
rasputina - saline the saltine queen
rome - kriegsgott
sol invictus - shealth and knife
the moon lay hidden beneath a cloud - untitled
division s - red wine
der blutharsh - untitled

The stars denote requests. Oh, and those requests were played through a goddamn ipod. I hate spinning with an mp3 player. Its just fucked. Also, the stuff requested isn't part of my game. It just threw me off. That's because the audience was meager (worse than usual) and was mostly composed of death metalheads. Now, I dont particularly hold a grievance against metal (I am more of an old school gent in the sound I prefer) any more than I have a grievance against Jesus; its their fans I cant stand. Metal fans are the absolute worst as far as disrespecting protocols, as in thematic nights. I really dont care how many of you are out there, or your proportion in regard to the attendance, if you're not out at a metal night, or some sort of open alternative night, then fuck you, we're not going to play your shit. Its like expecting the Rolling Stones to play some Iron Maiden, cause you're a bunch of Maiden fans. That is disrespectful.

Also, you guys seriously grunt and growl way too much. And your shit all sound the same.

All that to say that was off my game and I cant say that I was very focused in my set, with the interference, some screw ups and some missed spins due to distraction.

And fuck you, death metal dudes. Seriously.

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