Sunday, February 21, 2010

New crib

Early in my citizenship, I moved every year. That is, every year meant a new apartment, yet another place for me to call home. They were always fine at the beginning, but they;d grow stale pretty quick, but then there's this lease thing, and well, you get my drift.

After some rental wandering, I found some place where I stayed for a few years. In a way it all sort of reflected my relationships; I didn't stay long at a place, I didn't stay long with the girl. But once I was at that place, I started getting the idea that maybe sticking around was more than a living arrangement. I cant say that it was an instantaneous change; it might have to do with the fact that I kept moving further and further from the social scene physically, so it became a little more difficult dragging some girl to my abode.

Well, that and it sucked, really. The landlord was a ghost that could only be reached when he had to get paid, but pulled a disappearing act as soon as any sort of repairs was needed. So it took me a while, but I did end up buggering out of there, and on to better pasture. Which also sounds like my love life. And my career path.

Anyways, I got this pad, which was the biggest thing I ever lived in that wasn't a house, in good condition, and at a price that is still a sweet deal. But after five years, its time to move. The place has its flaws, like unreliable water pipes, not the best insulation, unstable electrical system, the weirdest arrangement of rooms I've seen in a while; its livable, but I'm feeling trapped. The neighborhood is less than the best; not the worst, but I've seen better. Its time to move.

So the hunt has begun. Its a weird thing. Mostly because we are so ahead in our search; the lease only expires on July 1, and a little over four months ahead, we have begun to hunt for a new place. For one thing, the budget is higher. Not only because the income is higher, but because leaving here means that we have to enter the open rental market. But that's fine. We are also looking at getting a little more for our bucks, as we're looking for some character, and a goddamn second closed room. Imagine a house where the only closed rooms are the bedroom and the toilet. And then try to get any work done while your significant other wants to watch tv or something.

So the first two spots were... well, frankly, the first one was scary from the moment we saw the building. Loads of graffiti on one wall. Oh well, how's the inside? Old, crooked, kinda moldy, the place creaks, there are obvious holes where there shouldn't be holes, tape on windows... I guess I should have stuck with my first impression when I saw that one tenant used bedsheets for curtains. Oi. The second place was much nicer, closer to where we were interested to be, closer to public transport, in much, much nicer condition... and cheaper. We could have pretty much walked in and settle, but... its not there yet. We cant just jump at the first few we see. Its still early, way early in the hunting season, so no reason to rush. And we aren't ready to move anyways, not yet.

Reliable information tells us that we're in the right ballpark, so the hunt continues. The longer we wait, the better prepared and the more cash we can have set aside for the movers and the required upgrades. So we get patient. We're even open to the possibility that we'll be here another year, which gives us even more time to upgrade home supplies and stack some safety net.

But I feel the wave pulling me. Good thing I know how to sail.

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