Monday, February 1, 2010

Life isn't quite as fair as its claimed to be

Some of you may know this summer's events, but for those who dont, I had a pretty damn severe bicycle-car door encounter this summer that got me in the hospital for a couple of months; its not completely dealt with, but I've had to learn the broader implications of the term "patient".

All that said, part of the severity of the damage (and only part) is that I don't wear a helmet. While I can certainly understand the protection that a helmet affords, I am unconvinced that wearing one will make riding any safer, since that the rest of my body is still very much a potential target to the local retarded drivers. And, oh man, are they retarded.

But that's another show. The point is that as likely necessary and logical as they may be, actual bicycle helmets are horribly designed, the more expensive the flimsier, and so, your protection lowers as the cost rises. And I'm not even talking about the aesthetics. Most of them are absolutely terrible, having that vaguely sportish look about them that I find utterly repulsive. So that didn't help my attitude towards them one bit.

Then today, with googling for an unrelated item, I stumbled upon this little piece of work:

Finally, pink done right. This is a helmet I'd be perfectly fine about putting on my head as I tear some asphalt with my city-customized Peugeot.

Except for one thing.

The maker, Helmets R Us is a non-profit company that works with non-profit organizations and school to promote bicycle safety to children. So they do not sell any to individuals, only to schools, and by default, only in bundles. So no brain bucket for me.

While I may not be able to get my hands on this little guy (which most likely, wouldn't have fitted my head anyways), it has had a good (depending on your perspective) consequence: I am now more seriously considering getting a helmet. I cant say that I'll wear it yet. But I'm keeping my eyes opened now for something that fits my head, isn't made out of cheap plastics and styrofoam, and isn't an embarrassment to wear.

Its a good thing that I still have a few months till spring.

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